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Due to the excellent management and concentrated effort of our staff, our company has experienced remarkable growth and also become one of the most outstanding companies in the Korea shipping industry since 1962.

Although we are not the oldest agency in Korea, our reputation is among the highest in Korea.We are ready to provide for all of your shipping needs. HaeWang Shipping also places a high priority on the quality of its staff in all areas of operations and administration. Moreover, in order to maintain and increase the level of services offered, we provide progressive training for all personnel.

In order to serve our clients better, we have established local offices at the major Korean ports such as Pusan, Inchon, Ulsan, Donghae, and Kwangyang. HaeWang Shipping has also intensively invested in service networks and human resources. We are particularly proud to be accredited by DNV for ISO 9002 in 2000.

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